About Access

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A key component of the model is to provide a Benefits Advisor to each employee to help develop a customized Strategic Benefit Plan or a Turnaround (k) Plan.  Each plan is designed to minimize taxes and benefit costs and focus solutions to be of highest and best value for each employee’s situation.


Providing this comprehensive solution while constantly raising the quality and value of services is a significant challenge for any firm.  In order to meet this challenge, Access forms independent strategic affiliations with key services providers.  By going to market for these services, it allows our clients to Access the key expertise, specialization and power of top providers without incurring the huge costs of developing these specialties in-house.  Finally, this model creates a system of internal and external controls that provides checks and balances to protect the well being of our clients.




The Access model is designed to provide one focused team of key advisors to cut the costs and raise the value of the benefits and human resources processes for each of the employers we are privileged to serve.